Manufacturing Plant Effluent Study - India

Portolan provided a series of efficient, affordable alternatives for a failing manufacturing plant wastewater treatment system. The objective was to eliminate frequent standard exceedances for several water qualitiy parameters, including multiple heavy metals. The technologies assessed included biological degradation, chemcial additives, and pH adjustment.


Sewer Rehabilitation - India

In partnership with Caton InfraTech, Ltd., Portolan provides ongoing facilitation support to India sewer rehabilitation projects throughout India. Portolan works with Caton to identify and vet U.S. sewer rehabilitation technologies and services and broker their introduction to the Indian market. The objective is to create partnerships between U.S. companies and Indian contractors to compete on municipal tenders for large diameter pipe  and manhole rehabilitation. 


Water Contamainate Removal Study – USA

A pilot study was conducted on a new treatment process for the removal of manganese and iron at a municipal drinking water well. The successful pilot test was carried out over a two-month period using a tailored filtration adsorption system with high rate granular oxidative media. The test results were used as the basis for a full-scale treatment facility with design flow rate of 600 gallons per minute and filter loading rates of 10 gallons per minute per square foot.


Soil Remediation Analysis – USA

Portolan led an in-situ heavy metals-contaminated soil treatment technology review, which sought to identify cost-saving alternatives to the mandated soil excavation and off-site disposal and locate interested and capable vendors. The technologies reviewed included soil washing, thermal treatment, in-situ stabilization/solidification, and electrokinetics.


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