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Instrumentation Market Analysis
Historical Site Conservation Research Program
Manufacturing Plant Effluent Study

18-month study of various Asian markets for a client’s laboratory and field instrumentation product lines. Study included goal setting, evaluation of prior marketing conclusions, current market trends analysis, market metrics (including growth estimates), competitor analysis, and a series of recommendations designed to support client objectives.

Portolan is serving as the project manager in India for a multi-faceted conservation research program aimed at developing technologies and science-based policy strategies to quantify and mitigate the impacts of air pollution and other environmental factors on historical culture and religious monuments across various regions of the world. Portolan is currently developing a multi-year air quality and environmental monitoring study that will soon include several prominent sites in Central India.

Portolan provided a series of efficient, affordable alternatives for a failing manufacturing plant wastewater treatment system. The objective was to eliminate frequent standard exceedances for several water qualitiy parameters, including multiple heavy metals. The technologies assessed included biological degradation, chemcial additives, and pH adjustment.

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