Historical Site Conservation Research Program

Portolan is serving as the project manager in India for a multi-faceted conservation research program aimed at developing technologies and science-based policy strategies to quantify and mitigate the impacts of air pollution and other environmental factors on historical culture and religious monuments across various regions of the world. Portolan is currently leading a multi-year air quality and environmental monitoring study at several prominent sites in Central India.

Resource Management Study

In partnership with a renowned international natural resource management firm and local advocacy group, Portolan supported a waterway impact study in Uvs Providence located the northwest Mongolia. Various site inspections and stakeholder meetings were conducted to determine the possible effect various industrial and development activities were having on the health and sustainability of local water and grazing resources. The study results guided additional regulation and stakeholder initiatives, including efforts to secure scarce funding and approvals for additional in-depth chemical, biological, and seismic field studies.

Sewer Rehabilitation

In partnership with Caton InfraTech, Ltd., Portolan provides ongoing facilitation support to India sewer rehabilitation projects throughout India. Portolan works with Caton to identify and vet U.S. sewer rehabilitation technologies and services and broker their introduction to the Indian market. The objective is to create partnerships between U.S. companies and Indian contractors to compete on municipal tenders for large diameter pipe  and manhole rehabilitation. 

Perchlorate Remediation and Long-term Monitoring

Portolan provided project review and quality assurance services for local stakeholders  concerned about a major contaminated groundwater and soil project at a former manufacturing facility that used perchlorate. The project included review of the design prepared by others for remediating the contamination and participation on behalf of the stakeholders in regulatory meetings and hearings. Recommendations were made to address stakeholder concerns and assure cleanup objectives were met. The project also involved review of construction documentation, including as-built drawing and construction quality control data. Ongoing services include review and evaluation of long-term sampling and monitoring data.


Manufacturing Plant Effluent Study

Portolan provided a series of efficient, affordable alternatives for a failing manufacturing plant wastewater treatment system. The objective was to eliminate frequent standard exceedances for several water quality parameters, including multiple heavy metals. The technologies assessed included biological degradation, chemical additives, and pH adjustment.

Ground Water Monitoring Program

This multi-year ground water monitoring program was implemented to monitor the movement of various volatile organic compounds, which were present at elevated concentrations with the potential to contaminate critical drinking water wells. The program consisted of routine field investigations and low-flow sampling to assess ground water quality and track the migration of contaminants throughout the aquifer.


Mercury Remediation

A remedial action work plan was prepared for a former mercury processing facility (a Superfund site) with ground water and soil contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals. The goals of the remedial action were to prevent/minimize potential migration of contaminants to sensitive nearby human and ecological receptors and allow for future redevelopment. Specific actions included a vertical hydraulic barrier, use restrictions and monitoring for ground water, and excavation/off-site disposal along with select capping for soil. Portolan staff prepared a quality assurance plan for construction and analytical activities, post-remediation operation and maintenance plan, and performed site layout design calculations. 


Remedial Investigation Plan for Former Oil Refinery

A work plan for remedial investigation was developed for a significant portion of a former oil refinery. The investigation aimed to identify and delineate releases of potential environmental contaminants to the surrounding surface water, sediment, ground water, soil, and indoor air, and evaluate if any potential risk existed towards sensitive environmental receptors. The work plan included a site history and description, conceptual site model and technical approach, scope of work, and project organization and schedule. Additionally, field sampling, quality assurance, and health and safety plans along with detailed GIS site maps were prepared and submitted.


RI/FS and GIS Analysis at Former Manufacturing Facility

Technical support was provided during the implementation of a remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) for a site contaminated with manufacturing process waste, in groundwater and soil.  Portolan’s specific role involved GIS mapping and analysis of the RI data to aid in development of a comprehensive conceptual site model (CSM) and detailed contaminant fate and transport model for the site.  GIS analysis was also used to estimate soil treatment volumes and the extent of remediation. The illustration of results using comprehensive, interactive mapping technology during the public outreach program yielded wide acceptance of the remediation process by all stakeholders.

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