Meteorology Market Study - Myanmar

On behalf of a multinational environmental  instrumentation firm, Portolan completed an in-depth study of the Myanmar hydrology and meteorology markets. Portolan introduced the client's products and services to local and national government and commercial entities in support of future tender and direct sales opportunities.


International Peer Firm Research, Evaluation, and Outreach – Southeast Asia

A multi-phased peer firm research project was completed for an international specialized consulting and engineering firm seeking partnerships with Southeast Asian environmental companies in support of projects with existing multi-national clients. Potential firms in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam were identified and evaluated, and a tailored report generated to augment further assessment and due diligence.

Market Entry Survey For Gas Analyzer - Global

A market entry analysis, complete with detailed financial modeling, was completed on multiple domestic and international market segments as a prelude to the launch of a new carbon dioxide analyzer to monitor trace impurities. The data proved critical in achieving a successful product release.

Field and Lab Instrumentation Market Analysis – Asia

Portolan completed an 18-month study of various Asian markets for a client’s laboratory and field instrumentation product lines.  Countries analyzed as part of the survey included India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines. Survey included goal setting, evaluation of prior marketing conclusions, current market trends analysis, market metrics (including growth estimates), competitor analysis, and a series of recommendations designed to support client objectives.


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