Project Management, Design, And Field Support

We provide tailored project management and design support to environmental site monitoring, investigation and remediation projects across a range of client sectors and geographic regions.. The driving force behind our work is the implementation of innovative concepts and emerging technologies that maximize the overall human and environmental benefit of a project in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Our key services include:


  • Comprehensive project management and site coordination for environmental monitoring and impact assessment programs

  • Project feasibility analysis and incorporation of green technologies and sustainability practices with the goal of minimizing energy and material consumption, emissions, and waste generation

  • Design support and technical review for site investigation and remedial action plans 

  • Use of diagnostic tools to consolidate, organize, analyze, and present collected environmental data

Business Strategy Development

We have business and marketing strategy specialists with expansive industry networks and years of experience in the environmental instrumentation and engineering consulting fields. Our focus is on identifying, researching, and capitalizing on opportunities in both developed and emerging markets for companies within the environmental services, equipment, and resources sectors and providing tailored guidance on enhanced marketing strategies. We can support strategy development initiatives through the following key services: 


  • Market entry analysis and financial modeling tailored to specific emerging environmental product and service lines

  • Customized market research, sales support, and technical analysis for the expansion of established technologies and services

  • Preliminary due diligence in support of the formation of new domestic and international partnerships